About Dr. Pham

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Dr. Tony Pham grew up right here in the bay area. After extensive and advanced training at Yale Medical School and Yale Plastic Surgery he has returned home to bring his expertise and skills back to the bay area.

His Board Certification by the American Board of Plastic Surgery indicates that he meets the high standards of education,training, and examinations of plastic surgery. Additionally, it means that he is able to provide complete plastic surgery care for breast, body, skin to facial cosmetic surgery needs.

Dr. Pham's goal is to achieve the best possible outcomes in a safe, comfortable, and compassionate manner. Indicative our philosophy is the personal consultation that Dr. Pham has with patients to discuss options and alternatives for plastic surgery. Also because all surgeries have risks, Dr. Pham will also go over them in discussion as well.

If you feel that you would benefit from plastic surgery, then schedule a consultation with Dr. Pham by calling the office (408) 246-2349 or fill out the contact form. He will be glad to meet with you to discuss and answer any questions you have about your goals for improving yourself.